Triump IAS Monthly Current Affairs (Aug 2016 to Apr 2017)

Author(s): Triumph IAS

Publisher: Triumph IAS

Language: English

Book Layout: Reflowable

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1.Current Affairs Test Paper–1(August, 2016)  

2.Current Affairs Test Paper–2(September, 2016) 

3.Current Affairs Test Paper–3(October, 2016) 

4.Current Affairs Test Paper–4(November, 2016) 

5.Current Affairs Test Paper–5(December, 2016) 

6.Current Affairs Test Paper–6(December, 2016) 

7.Current Affairs Test Paper–7(January, 2017) 

8.Current Affairs Test Paper–8(January, 2017) 

9.Current Affairs Test Paper–9(February, 2017) 

10.Current Affairs Test Paper–10(February, 2017) 

11.Current Affairs Test Paper–11(Government Schemes) 

12.Current Affairs Test Paper–12(March, 2017) 

13.Current Affairs Test Paper–13(March, 2017) 

14.Current Affairs Test Paper–14(Government Schemes) 

15.Current Affairs Test Paper–15(April, 2017) 

16.Current Affairs Test Paper–16(April, 2017) 

17.Current Affairs Test Paper–17(Aug + Sept 2016 + Government Scheme) 

18.Current Affairs Test Paper–18(Oct + Nov 2016 + Government Scheme) 

19.Current Affairs Test Paper–19(Dec 2016 +Jan 2017 + Government Scheme) 

20.Current Affairs Test Paper–20(Feb +March 2017 + Government Scheme) 

21.Current Affairs Test Paper–21(April +May 2017 + Government Scheme) 

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